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I'm Sarah and your project is in good hands with me. I have the communication skills to keep you up to speed and the tech skills to build whatever it is you need.
Tee up a 30 minute video call with me to discuss how I can help and whether I'm a good fit

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Technical Design

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Who Am I?

Like you I went into small business to help people. My way is with communication and code. I can build and repair websites and apps, and help you find the right combination of words and images to touch the lives of your ideal clients.

My wife Sharlot runs a private counselling practice so I understand the work you put in to make your small business a success, and how you'd rather be focussed on helping people than the technology you use.

I've worked with people from crowdfunding sites, people who are privately funding their own startup and people just getting by in their micro businesses who need a particular job done, done passionately and done right.

Stay in Touch

My resume is on LinkedIn: