Mobile App Development

Building apps with Ionic makes them cross platform for Maximum Reach

Get in touch to ask about what you need and see if I'm a good fit.

Why an App?

Apps connect with people in a more interactive, personal way. They can get jobs done for people and provide new ways to explore communities around them.

I can build several kinds of app, but at the moment I focus most on developing Ionic apps because Ionic makes it easier to build cross platform apps and to keep them organised once you move on to maintaining them.


Exerbeats: Plays music at the speed of your workout. Native with Watch support.

Privacy Check

Privacy Check: External review of your social media privacy. PhoneGap.

App Rescue!

Did your developer disappear? Or did you accept that suspiciously cheap bid only to discover the work quality was… just… eww?

I can look at your broken app and help salvage what's workable and rework what's not, to get you up and running again.

32 Things To Do had to switch developers and also needed training to continue the app themselves

Ionic? Cordova? PhoneGap?

Several names but one technology: fast, flexible mobile apps using web technologies as a common language between devices.

I know these options as well as native iOS and other frameworks, so I can discuss with you which is the best option for your app.