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I can build a website for your counselling or psychology practice

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Creating Counselling / Psychologist Websites

The goal of a mental health practitioner is different. You're not just selling products. This is a calling for you, a vocation.

Of course you need a flow of new clients. But you want to reach out in a way that's personal, that shows rather than tells how you can help. A way that invites people to look after their mental health in a way they might not have done before.

The Parts

Most counselling or psychologist websites have:

  • A crisp, inviting front page that manages to be both professional and personal
  • A way for people to book with you, and a great big "call to action" button inviting them to do so
  • An exploration of who you are, what issues you can help with and what makes your services unique.

Yeah there's a lot of technology involved. I've got that in hand for you so you can focus on what your messaging is, and connecting with the right targeted clients.

Working With Me Is Likeā€¦

  • One-on-one discussion, either in person or via video chat
  • Gathering requirements is a bit like a counselling session: I ask a lot of exploratory questions, and I do a lot of listening
  • I can help "fill in the gaps" with suggestions for messaging and which approaches might be best suited for you
  • We'll discuss how you want to keep your site up to date – whether there are parts you want to maintain yourself, whether you need training for that, or whether you'd like an ongoing arrangement to just email me changes you want and have them taken care of
  • Pricing is discussed upfront so you can balance budget vs impact
  • Your site will be fully custom, not just another WIX template.
  • Your site will work well on mobile phones – as half of all web traffic is mobile now

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