Custom Websites

I'm a Melbourne Web Developer who can make something unique for you.

Get in touch to ask about what you need and see if I'm a good fit.

Why a Custom Website?

Having a website now is at least as important as having a Yellow Pages listing used to be. It's how people find you. It's how people who come across your business name check you out.

You could use a generic tool like Wix and choose a nice theme, but if the page isn't custom then it's going to look just like all the others. And still take you a long time to build.

I can work with you to ensure your message is clearly presented, stands out and offers a clear "call to action" to convert visitors into customers.

My service includes:

  • In-person consultation
  • Lots of feedback as we shape the web version of your message together
  • Fully custom website design
  • Responsive design (i.e., works on phones as well as the desktop)
  • Any custom plugins your site needs
  • Basic SEO
  • Contact forms so customers can reach you
  • Support and training for updates, or
  • Updates and posts to blog done for you

Building Training Websites

Teaching about diversity, suicide prevention and other worthwhile topics can have different needs, from promoting you as the educator to actually teaching the material as courseware, or most often something in between that offers a taste of your content as a way to promote your brand,.

WordPress or Rapidweaver

I'll discuss with you the best technologies to use for your site and why. For example, Rapidweaver is good for a super fast site that I manage and WordPress offers a lot of features if you want to manage the site yourself.

Custom WordPress Plugins

I also code from scratch as needed –including custom plugins for WordPress, custom Guttenberg Blocks for WordPress and custom scripts for any situation.

Creating Counselling or Psychologist Websites

One kind of care business I focus on is counselling practices. I'll discuss the kinds of clients you see and build a site where they can see their issues reflected back to them, and immediately find some helpful information so they feel empowered right away and are hopefully ready to click that "book appointment" button.

Making Massage Websites

Another care industry is massage and that has some different needs. It's not just "here's the massage types I do", it's "here is you, with your pains and concerns and I understand". The site also needs to introduce people to what some of the words mean – not everyone's heard of Lomilomi.